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Faces Made for Podcasting: The People Behind RecPoker

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Our History & Culture

RecPoker is a vibrant and encouraging poker learning community. Everything we do is to help recreational poker players (including ourselves) connect with people we enjoy and learn the game we love.

We have come a long way since Steve Fredlund started a local, Minnesota podcast in 2017. We have fantastic content that will help you improve your game, but our growth has been fueled by our passion for learning in the context of community, surrounded by other encouraging players all looking to get better and build relationships.

One of the questions we are often asked is,”How is RecPoker different from all the other training sites on the market?” Fair question with an easy answer: authentic community. We have solid content, but we cannot compete with the premium content put out daily by some of the world’s greatest poker minds; but most recreational players don’t need that much content. If you are like us, you want to get better at the game but make sure you don’t lose your passion for playing. This is where RecPoker comes in… we connect you with others who are passionate (to keep that fire burning hot) and then equip you with enough content and opportunities to continually improve your skill edge whenever you sit down at the table.

In summary, we give you the skills you need to crush your home games, bar leagues, or smaller buy-in casino tournaments, all while making great friendships and having amazing experiences along the way.

What the pros are saying

What the recs are saying

Matt Hamilton: “Whether you are a newcomer or seasoned veteran when it comes to playing NLH, RecPoker will offer you insight that’s hard to find elsewhere. Designed with the intention to be easily digestible for the recreational player, RecPoker hits on strategy pieces and insights that will not only introduce novice players to more intricate parts of the game, but it will help quickly curb them to become more profitable and comfortable. I have listened to a lot of content from RecPoker, and can confidently say that though it is designed to be understood for the recreational, serious players will also benefit from the content. I highly recommend taking advantage of the content available through RecPoker.”

John Barrows, Casino Tournament Manager, Running Aces Casino and Racetrack: “The work that Steve has done to drive successful strategies for the Rec player is nothing short of remarkable. Every time he plays, he takes what he learns and applies it to his content. He’s definitely found a strategy for long-term success in the daily poker tournament arena. Furthermore, Steve’s charitable work with All In For Africa only further demonstrates his character and commitment to success!”

Derek Smith: “I have thoroughly enjoyed and absolutely learned a ton from being involved with and regularly listening to the Rec Poker Podcast. I greatly appreciate and admire Steve and his many efforts, and can without a doubt say my own game has improved because of the podcast content, interactions with Steve, and through the connections I’ve been afforded due to being a part of the ‘the tribe’! ”

Brad Olson: “As a new poker player, I was very overwhelmed with all of the resources available to players. However, most options are tailored toward players with a lot of experience. RecPoker is able to bridge the gap and provide content that is great for newer players and experienced players alike. Listening to the podcast has improved my understanding of the game tremendously. Steve also has a great knack for asking probing questions in his interviews and discussions. Steve is also very entertaining while being informative, whether doing a hand breakdown or talking about a bad beat.”

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