Vibrant and Encouraging

You’ll see the words “vibrant” and “encouraging” a lot around RecPoker Nation, because that’s the kind of poker community we want to be!

What We Want

We believe that in order to learn, you have to feel like you can ask questions and not be afraid of being made fun of or attacked – how can any of us ever learn anything if we only ever share about things we already know? Part of learning is being open to making errors and feeling comfortable sharing those uncertainties with a group of people you can trust and respect. So that is what we are all about here at – none of us are experts, but we all contribute to each other’s poker journey in some way, and we have a GREAT time doing it!

What We DON’T Want

So what does that actually mean for events and spaces? Well, we don’t tolerate berating players or putting other people down, and we don’t use vulgar or offensive language. So if someone tries to post a comment or reply that contains any promotional links or offensive language, that post is automatically held back for review by our moderators. If they decide it is meant to be offensive, it will simply be deleted before it can be seen by anyone else. If you had a post or reply held back for moderation and you think it has been held back by mistake or improperly, just email and we’ll see what we can do to get your comment out there for RecPoker Nation to enjoy! We’re not perfect either, so if you have some ideas on how we can make these guidelines and policies better for everyone, PLEASE tell us. We know this isn’t a perfect solution but we are trying our best to solve a difficult problem.

How We Accomplish It

Similarly if people are speaking rudely in the chat of our home games or other places, please let us know! No-one can avoid getting upset at the tables from time to time but each of us CAN control the language we choose to use with others, whether it’s live or in the chat box online. When we feel like someone isn’t acting in an encouraging and positive manner, we’ll often reach out with a friendly warning first to make sure they know what RecPoker is all about, but we have suspended accounts or in rare cases banned them if unwanted behaviour continues. Most of the people that join our community already know what kind of company we like to keep – the kind that loves poker, wants to get better at it, and have fun doing it!

Join the Cause (Peer Moderation)

We try our best to make sure no bad actors get in, but if you do see someone getting out of line, you can help our administrators by reporting content or behavior that doesn’t belong. To report content, simply click the ‘Report’ buttons found in one of two locations: (1) below the comment or, (2) in the ‘More Actions’ menu beside a specific reply.

Users can help keep RecPoker vibrant and encouraging by clicking the ‘Report’ buttons found below a comment or in the ‘More Actions’ menu.

External Content

The final way we keep vibrant and encouraging is by limiting the people that can post links. Of course we’d love for everyone to be able to link to all their favorite stuff to share with the rest of RecPoker Nation, but we remain a mostly FREE community and until we have the resources to add a comprehensive security system to monitor and regulate the links people can use, we’ve decided the best way to stop spammers and bad actors is to simply restrict link-sharing to our RECing Crew members, site moderators, and admins. Until that day, anyone is free to post on our “Classifieds” Discord channel if they have something to buy, sell, trade, give away, promote or solicit – but we don’t monitor that channel or vouch for anything listed there. If you are interested in helping us as a moderator, email to start a conversation about what is involved, and HERE are some details about joining the RECing Crew and how YOU can start spreading your own poker story and experience with RecPoker Nation – and beyond! In the meantime, our moderators will likely continue to block most links unless they are purely educational and devoid of personal gain.

How to Share Content

To make it easier to share with other members without using links, we’ve made it possible for ANY member to upload and share various file types, like exports from PokerTracker, Equilab, Flopzilla, GTO+ and many other common ways that poker players like to exchange information and ranges and scenarios. So go check out the Forums and post away – See you there!