Andrew Feist

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Hello, I am Andrew Feist, a core team member at, our Learning Affiliates Director and a panelist contributor to the RecPoker podcast. From card games like Pinochle to May I, my family has always enjoyed playing various card games. Some of my favorite memories when I was young are playing 500 Rummy with my grandma. Eventually that interest turned into poker nights with buddies playing dealers choice and my love for poker has grown ever since.

Playing the Main Event in 2019

I stopped playing for several years after high school, however within the last 2 years I started playing live poker again and remembered how much I love the game. Around this time is when I came across the RecPoker podcast and got involved with this great community. I started with smaller stake tournaments and have slowly worked my way up to bigger stakes. I dabble in cash periodically but my true love is MTTs. My goal would be to someday win a WSOP bracelet.

My work with RecPoker as the Learning Affiliates Director means I get to share premium content with Rec.Poker members and share different learning opportunities that our affiliates offer. I love being able to collaborate with other Rec.Poker members and get their idea on different poker methodologies and learn as a community how best to tackle different scenarios.

You can find me one Twitter @feistandrew412.