Daily Series (Mixed) – July 23, 2022

We have a bonus Mixed practice game for our Daily series each Saturday night. This week we played Razz.

areallymadguy (mad guy) battled elvis76 (Steve Kreps) heads up prior to defeating a field of 19 players to earn his third Daily Series title in 2022 for a Mixed practice event. This is second week in a row winning the Mixed Practice event.

BigDogDay1 ([Private]), roadstar33 (Randy Smith), leftie19 (Mike Butchello), bonecrusher14 (Marcel Dusyk), rabman50 (Rob Washam), RozzyQ (Roz Quarto), and SpotConlon (Daniel Kennedy) rounded out the final table.

PokerStars Tournament #3442568712, Limit Razz
Buy-In: 17000/3000
19 players
Total Prize Pool: 323000
Tournament started 2022/07/23 21:00:00 ET
Tournament finished 2022/07/23 21:51:13 ET
1: areallymadguy (United States), 161,500 (50%)
2: elvis76 (United States), 96,900 (30%)
3: BigDogDay1 (United States), 64,600 (20%)
4: roadstar33 (United States),
5: leftie19 (United States),
6: bonecrusher14 (Canada),
7: rabman50 (United States),
8: RozzyQ (United States),
9: SpotConlon (United States),
10: kellis196220 (United States),
11: Zen Heartshadow (United States),
12: pcs2005 (United States),
13: UnclTomsCabn (United States),
14: appleomyi (Canada),
15: Jmayusa (Japan),
16: evilroyca (Canada),
17: isnnma (United States),
18: BChip (Canada),
19: hawesy08 (United States),