Intl Series – September 11, 2020

International Series – 5:00 AM Central Time

Not enough players signed up for the 5:00 AM series, so the tournament did not run.

5 AM Results

PokerStars Tournament #3000771089, No Limit Hold’em
Buy-In: 17000/3000
Tournament started 2020/09/11 6:00:00 ET
Tournament finished 2020/09/11 5:59:04 ET

International Series – 12:00 PM Central Time

MrDzzz18 (Richard Dietz) battled rekopgib (Unknown) heads up prior to defeating a field of 6 players to earn his first International Series title.

Illychippies (Jill Burke), combinkley (Eric Gin), RickTheGoodDog (Rick “Rock” Ohman), tomtoms3219 (Unknown), rounded out the only table.

12 PM Results

PokerStars Tournament #3000771704, No Limit Hold’em
Buy-In: 17000/3000
6 players
Total Prize Pool: 102000
Tournament started 2020/09/11 13:00:00 ET
Tournament finished 2020/09/11 14:26:56 ET
1: MrDzzz18 (United States), 71,400 (70%)
2: rekopgib (United States), 30,600 (30%)
3: Illychippies (United States),
4: combinkley (United States),
5: RickTheGoodDog (United States),
6: tomtoms3219 (United States),

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  1. Where are those International players? Was a bunch of degenerate yanks skipping work on the second one (myself included). 😉
    It was still fun so hope to see more folks on it next week.

    1. We expect this to take a while to catch on but it might stay small, which is not all bad either. Little by little on this one….

  2. Perhaps start a couple of hours later? Friday evening at 7pm is dinner/family time for many of us. Actually easier to play the nightly series at 3am in the morning.

    1. good feedback; when we asked a few others these were the times we got but I would love to have it work out for you. We will keep getting input; maybe even looking at like Saturday at 5am, 2pm central which would be noon and 9pm for you. Thanks @tvstensby