Mixed Series – July 14, 2021

Last night we played Limit Omaha Hi/Lo to continue the 2021 Mixed Game Series.

bloop7 (Mark Bloomberg) battled basictax (john pihlak) heads up prior to defeating a field of 57 players to earn his first Mixed Game Championship Series title in 2021.

KiToMan335 (Kian Tavakoli), kellis196220 (Kelli Storck), JasperJr (Patrick Barry), appleomyi (Harold Berry), fergie56 (Kim Kilroy), PokerGeekMN (John Somsky), and RecPokerSteve (Steve Fredlund) rounded out the final table.

Player of the Year Update

Patty98 (Mike Patrick) maintains a lead in the Mixed Game POY points race. bloop7 (Mark Bloomberg) has moved up to fifth place, KiToMan335 (Kian Tavakoli) has moved up to eighth place, appleomyi (Harold Berry) has moved up to ninth place and JasperJr (Patrick Barry) has moved into tenth place. Another win by GopherBoyTJM or McVean might still be enough to overtake the position of Patty98.

Check out https://rec.poker/homegame/mixed-series/#2021MIXED for full results and standings.

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