Mixed Series – November 10, 2021

Last night we played 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball to continue the 2021 Mixed Game Series.

glAssJaw2222 (Dave Shun) battled Iceburgking (John Skare) heads up prior to defeating a field of 74 players to earn his first Mixed Game Championship Series title in 2021.

pcs2005 (Jack L’hreaux), SpotConlon (Daniel Kennedy), roadstar33 (Randy Smith), aces54320 (Kathy Chang), EANDERSON85 (Eric Anderson), GopherBoyTJM (Taylor Maas), and HikerHiker10 ([Private]) rounded out the final table.

Player of the Year Update

GopherBoyTJM (Taylor Maas) still has the lead in the the Mixed Game POY points race. aces54320 (Kathy Chang) has moved up to eight place and pcs2005 (Jack L’hreaux) has broken into the top ten. GopherBoyTJM has a reasonable lead, but there are a few players within striking distance if they run hot in December.

Check out https://rec.poker/homegame/mixed-series/#2021MIXED for full results and standings.

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