Nightly Series – August 6, 2020

RecPokerSteve (Steve Fredlund) battled Hurricane1k (James Portugal) heads up prior to defeating a field of 59 players to earn his third Nightly Series title.

KiToMan335 (Kian Tavakoli), UnclTomsCabn (Jeff S), Shoresy00 (Ben Geurs), InTheMoney08 (Scott Hendrickson), anciano1941 (Mark Foster), MrDzzz18 (Richard Dietz), and betttterman (Unknown) rounded out the final table.


PokerStars Tournament #2973335269, No Limit Hold’em
Buy-In: 17000/3000
59 players
Total Prize Pool: 1003000
Tournament started 2020/08/06 21:00:00 ET
Tournament finished 2020/08/06 23:46:32 ET
1: RecPokerSteve (United States), 300,920 (30.001%)
2: Hurricane1k (United States), 200,600 (20%)
3: KiToMan335 (United States), 150,450 (15%)
4: UnclTomsCabn (United States), 100,300 (10%)
5: Shoresy00 (United States), 75,220 (7.499%)
6: InTheMoney08 (United States), 55,160 (5.499%)
7: anciano1941 (United States), 45,130 (4.499%)
8: MrDzzz18 (United States), 40,120 (4%)
9: betttterman (United States), 35,100 (3.499%)
10: Illychippies (United States),
11: 5DIMNDS (United States),
12: PokerGeekMN (United States),
13: wager32 (United States),
14: djvoyeur (United States),
15: CaptainWalleye (United States),
16: Magra44 (United States),
17: reddevilmn (United States),
18: Oreomilk4444 (United States),
19: Grumpyrob (United States),
20: Obner (United States),
21: Frogman-Rick (United States),
22: Shamu*27140 (United States),
23: JBTwinCities (United States),
24: Lickorish Guy (United States),
25: combinkley (United States),
26: SpotConlon (United States),
27: the tuc (United States),
28: JBach71 (United States),
29: 3CardFan (United States),
30: mbabker (United States),
31: Voycey81 (United States),
32: Witchystuff (Canada),
33: zgrt1110 (United States),
34: bloop7 (United States),
35: schneidz33 (United States),
36: fergie56 (Canada),
37: HattrickUSA2020 (United States),
38: Will Hogan (United States),
39: nowthenkb (United States),
40: hawesy8 (United States),
41: stringbend (United States),
42: kellis196220 (United States),
43: BigDogDay1 (United States),
44: StichMan05 (United States),
45: orangeroad81 (United States),
46: MonkieSystem (United States),
47: leftie19 (United States),
48: PatchPerson (United States),
49: Kekgeek (United States),
50: graphex16 (United States),
51: appleomyi (Canada),
52: rekopgib (United States),
53: pcs2005 (United States),
54: John_Lancer (United States),
55: RickTheGoodDog (United States),
56: JasperJr (United States),
57: Badlands (United States),
58: elvis76 (United States),
59: roadstar33 (United States),

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  1. I feel like I helped @SteveFredlund (RecPokerSteve) a bit there on the final table when he dominated my JJ with AA. Not the best time for me to jam I guess. You are welcome!

    1. Thanks @RichDietz-MrDzzz18 – that was a huge spot. I opened MP and you 3-bet from small-blind I think. I had a decision to make. If I jam there, I think you might fold stuff like AK (maybe), AQ, AJ, JJ, TT, 99, 88 that you would have 3-bet with and I didn’t want that to happen. So I decided to gamble and under-represent a bit but just calling your 3-bet. I figured that would change what you put me on; clearly would be tougher to put me on AA. I don’t mind how you played that at all.. with a K-high flop and you probably take me off AA, KK, AK, it’s a good spot for your JJ. I might even fold QQ there or KQ based on how it was played.

      1. Good thoughts. I am still learning how to put villains on a range (obviously) and did not put you on AA there. I am also still learning the Tournament game as I have mostly played cash. So knowing when to shove and when not to is still a work in progress. I really appreciate these nightly tournaments for that practice and see it starting to pay off. I have hit a couple final tables now and a 2nd place so seeing progress.

        The funny part is the hand JUST before this you jammed with JJ and it worked out for you. I usually hate Jacks so when they hit me next hand I figured I better play them a bit harder… if I jammed PF or not does not really matter when you turn over AA though.

        Love this community, very happy I joined.