Eric “Binkley” Gin

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Hi, I’m Eric Gin.  I am the founder of the Play Explain and Learn group (PEAL). Each week, group members play a deep-stacked cash game scenario while explaining their action verbally in real time. I create a video of each session that allows the viewers to see all hole cards and hear each player’s explanation.

I have always enjoyed games and puzzles. Throughout my life, they have been an enjoyable way for me to compete and have fun with friends while practicing problem solving and strategy implementation.  My gaming experiences have spanned all sorts of genres (FPS, RPG, RTS, MMORPG) and platforms (Atari, 3DO, PC, XBox, Playstation)

I love battling and competing at the poker table. It’s fun to learn and study poker. It’s a complex game with so many different things to learn. Since joining Rec.Poker, I’ve been able to meet others with the same passion for playing and learning poker. Together, we’ve been able to improve our skills, expand our knowledge, and grow as players . I value being part of this supportive community. I look forward to helping more people in their poker journey. 

Me with one of my biggest poker influences, Tommy Angelo at the PokerSimple Meet-up Game.