Chris Jones

If you like what Chris is doing with RecPoker, meet the rest of the RECing Crew!

Hi, I’m Chris Jones, a RecPoker core team member and our Content Director (which means I help plan a lot of our member content). My path to poker is pretty nontraditional. I come to it having grown up in a bridge-playing, science-and-math background family, but also having built my professional life around storytelling. Ultimately, this is what fascinates me most about the game—it is a perfect split of logic and math with story and swagger.

Playing the Main Event in 2019

I have played poker for a long time, but did not take the game very seriously until I had a significant health scare. I’d always enjoyed playing the game casually with some friends and I always tuned in every year to the Main Event and said some day I’m going to play in that. Well, after that health scare, I decided that you can’t just wait for some day. So I committed to learning the game so I wouldn’t make a fool of myself and headed to Vegas. 

I did not have the funds to enter the Main, so I headed there with the knowledge that I would try to qualify through some satellites, but that it wasn’t all that likely that I would actually play in it. Well, I satellited in on my first attempt and it was the best two days of cashless poker I’ve ever played. I’ll be back someday to play it again! 

You can find me on Twitter @FiveBFive, on Hendon Mob here, and possible soon on Twitch if I ever get my act together. 

For RecPoker, I spend a lot of my time working on monthly member content. But I do have some limited time to work with a select few on their game. My strengths in poker are live tournament dynamics, mental game, hand analysis, and developing better strategic habits. I’m playing a bit online due to the pandemic, but I’m definitely newer to that aspect of the game, so if you’re looking for database reviews etc., I’d recommend some of the other RECing Crew team members like Jim Reid and Taylor Maas

I can work with you in a couple of ways. Offline email and video reviews where you send in hands or questions by email and I record my responses. I charge $50 per half hour of recorded video (which is basically per hour because I will spend time preparing for the video in advance). These will be shared as private links via YouTube. I can also work with you live for personal coaching. For this I charge $60/hour. I also sell both of these services in packages of 4 hours ($175 for offline; $200 for live).
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