Online Play with Live Player Commentary

Steve, Taylor, Matt, Rob & Stacey duke it out as they test the PokerStars home game editing process for potential training opportunities.

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Ep 274 – RecRoom: Jim and Matt Part 3

Once a month, a premium member gets together with a member of the RECing Crew in The REC Room! This month we go behind the scenes with Jim to observe a pre-recorded coaching session with Matt, who we have heard from in parts one and two before. In this final segment they go over a few hands together and make some plans for Matt to reach his poker goals! Anyone interested in spending some time in the REC Room with Jim or any of the other members of the RECing Crew can email for more details!

Ep 245 – REC Room: HUD and Hand Review – Jim and Matt

Once a month a Premium member goes one-on-one with a member of the RECing Crew to break down a hand, talk strategy, or discuss how to otherwise get the most out of their poker experience! Email if there’s a member of the RECing Crew that YOU’D like to connect with, and we’ll try to match you up! In this episode, we come back to part two of Jim and Matt in the REC Room, looking at the RecPoker HUD and reviewing some hands in PokerTracker4. We talk about HUDs at the beginning so the video version of this podcast will be more informative than the audio version – Sign up for a free Community account at to watch the video versions of all our podcasts – and a lot more!