Strat Chat – Public Discussion – Sept 30, 2020

In this RecPoker Public Discussion Jim Reid takes members through the table play of the monthly Tournament of Champions* final table and they share a ranging conversation about PokerTracker4, ICM, HUD stats, player field tendencies, and lots and lots of street-by-street hand analysis.

RecPoker is a vibrant and encouraging poker learning community. We are committed to learning the game, but our priority is building healthy relationships where we can not only grow in the game, but grow in our enjoyment of life. The membership website at is awesome, but it’s just a tool to help us build that community. You can join for FREE, giving you access to the groups, forums, and other member benefits. If you want to enjoy the premium content, or become part of the RECing Crew, those options are available and you can get $10 off your first payment using the code RECPOKER.

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RecPoker Public Discussion from March 2021

Every once in a while a month has a fifth Wednesday – in these cases we take something that would normally be a Premium event and turn it into one of our Public Discussions! This month we held an Online Review and Hang (ORaH) where we invite the final table players from a recent Tournament of Champions to join the panel and discuss the final table play hand by hand and street by street as it plays out – we had a great time with a fun group this month talking about bet sizing, player tendencies, ICM, and more! Plus special guest Merv Harvey from the Postflop Poker Podcast pops by to share some thoughts about poker and puppies with our newest RECing Crew member Kim “PetVet” Kilroy. Why not join us next time? go to for more details.

RecPoker Public Discussion – Dec 30, 2020

18 monthly winners and top points leaders in the player of the year race battle for a RecPoker Silver Pin and the title of Champion in the Annual RecPoker NLHE Championship. This is the panel and guests reviewing the play from the final table with the winner from the tournament! Premium members can join us for the final table analysis in the monthly Strat Chat on the fourth Wednesday of every month!


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