Inaugural MaREC Madness Bracket – 2021

Taylor Maas and Ben Enslow host the first week of MaREC Madness! We kicked off the matchups with Chris “FiveByFive555” Jones against Chad “McVean” McVean, followed by John “PokerGeekMN” Somsky battling Rob”rabman50″ Washam

Chris Jones and Rob Washam host the second week of MaREC Madness! We got to watch the matchups with Steve “RecPokerSteve” Fredlund against Andrew “dealer412” Feist, followed by Taylor “GopherBoyTJM” Maas against Mark “WebsiteMark” Praschan.

Jim Reid and Kim Kilroy host the third week of MaREC Madness! We got to watch the Final Four (Semi-Final) matchups of Chris “FiveByFive555” Jones versus Rob “rabman50” Washam followed by Andrew “dealer412” Feist versus Taylor “GopherBoyTJM” Maas.

Jim Reid is joined by LearnProPoker founder Ryan Laplante to host the fourth and final week of MaREC Madness! We have the best of 3 finale of Chris “FiveByFive555” versus Taylor “GopherBoyTJM” Maas.

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