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  • tvstensby

    February 9, 2021 at 2:26 am

    I prefer the check/call line on the river. Value betting as a medium stack in an ICM driven spot is difficult and I therefore tend to keep the pot small.

    I would fold to the jam even though your opponent has a lot of potential bluffs (overcards and ace highs that make a stab on the flop). But as you say it comes down to soul reading. The potential bluffs are there, but is your opponent willing to risk it all in this spot?

    If you believe your opponent will rarely reraise as a bluff you could consider a smaller river bet. 3.5-4 bb? Then it is cheaper to fold and you are more likely get calls from weaker pairs.

    And for the follow up question: Your opponents jamming range is probably polarized and the equity of A9 and two pair will be similar to T9 here. It is the number of bluffs that matter most. I would call with sets and probably top two pair as well (even though I probably should not).