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  • binkley

    July 10, 2020 at 10:51 pm


    *** RIVER *** [8d 4c As Jc] [6c]

    Small Blind : Bets 330

    UTG+1 [ME] : Call 330

    Small Blind : Showdown [As Ah 6h 6c Jc] (Two pair)

    UTG+1 [ME] : Showdown [As Ac Jh Jc 8d] (Two pair)

    UTG+1 [ME] : Hand Result 1320

    I called with my top two pair. Straight seemed unlikely as it was a gutshot draw. Although the backdoor flush came in, I couldn’t see folding.

    SB showed Ah 6h for a rivered worse two pair. After the initial relief of not losing to a flush, I realized that a raise would have been called. In the moment, I thought it was a mistake to miss out on value. But after time to think about it, I see that only holding his exact hand do I get called by worse. By betting I would just lose more against the flushes.

    Thanks for the comments.