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  • arw

    July 11, 2020 at 3:36 am

    1) The book is a Gem

    2) My vote (fold > jam > never call).

    With TT and a large stack, I don’t want to take this risk pre-flop against two players. Instead, use my stack to stab for smaller pots in better spots. I completely agree that these are steal spots but I hate flipping with AK, AQ, or worse being against JJ+. Other players, take this risk thinking that it is a sure way to win the tournament if you win this HUGE POT. With 30 left, having the Jamie Gold super stack doesn’t guarantee victory.

    Statistics like this scare me about getting it in.

    52 cards

    16 cards are A, K, Q, J

    Odds that an A, K, Q, J don’t hit the community cards (assuming no blockers)

    36/52 * 35/51 * 34/50 * 33/49 * 32/48 = 14.5%