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  • jim

    July 12, 2020 at 1:52 pm

    I remember that episode as well @yamel , and I recall it is when the fourth flush card comes on the board that the incentives are particularly polarized, but obv it has ramifications in draw spots as well, as you show here. QPersonally for Q1 it’s very foe-dependant but very generally in a vacuum I’m betting literally every HU mono flop IP about 30% no matter what my holdings and then evaluating the decision tree from there vs various different foe types on different runouts, and multi or OOP almost always checking with lots of options on the table with how to respond. Sorry I know that’s a cop-out answer. Generally I think of nut draws as good “candidates” for aggressive plays that I may elect to make against certain types of foes in certain types of spots. If I decide I’m in a good spot vs this type of foe, I’ll look down and see if I have a good candidate in my hand for that ideal play. If not, I’ll have to settle for a different play more suitable for that holding.

    Q2 I like your thought process and AcJx was exactly the hand I was thinking “boy it would be nice to have X hand here” lol – but then again that is the kind of hand that you can actually afford to slowplay if you want to have that play for part of your range because you have so much actual showdown value already and also so much drawing value that really the question is which of these amazing options is the best possible – a good problem to have haha.