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  • binkley

    July 13, 2020 at 7:44 pm

    At a full nine-handed cash table 100BB deep, I’m opening about 10% of hands UTG. This range widens slightly through the next two positions. Starting at the LJ is widens more and more. LJ ~17%, HL ~20%, CO~27%, BN~40%.

    Generally cash ranges are tighter because 1) there is a rake 2) no antes and 3) shorter stacks.

    At deeper stacks (100BB or greater), good suited hands (Axs, Kxs) and suited connectors have greater value (98s, 76s).

    At stacks get shorter, opening ranges get wider in general. As you get really shallow (<25BB), position becomes less of factor as you can get all-in before the river. This allows you to open more from early position. Big cards become more important and suited connectors become devalued.

    Opening ranges need to be adjusted depending on the table dynamics and the players. Aggressive 3bettors…tighten up. Tight players in the blinds…loose up in late position.