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  • monkiesystem

    July 2, 2023 at 12:33 pm

    Ugly spot. But this might be the type of spot we have to take to give us the best chance of running deep in tournaments. In spite of the fact you blocked flush draws, he still had many more combos of flushdraws than sets. Don’t forget the possibility of a flat call with aces. We can discount that 50%. It seems doubtful he would flat call your 3-bet with KK.

    One thing I noticed in this WSOP is alot of players getting the stacks in on the light side. You weren’t at the WSOP, though.

    One thing I’d say is your 3-bet sizing might have been too heavy. 2.7-3x would be preferable in position. His calling the 4x 3-bet indicates a very strong range, expecially from an EP player.

    Range Trainer Pro makes this a call, using standard bet sizes preflop. In fact it calls with all the overpairs.