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  • fivebyfive

    September 13, 2023 at 12:53 pm

    This is an interesting question. The shorter the stacks get, the more we can find flats with hands like KK in spots like this. So I like that you are mixing some flats here. To answer your questions:

    1) We have 3 players behind us. The question you asked what is the worst hand they *should* jam is different from what is the worst hand they *will* jam. With the opponents you describe, I don’t think many will find some of the bluff hands like KTs or A5s that can very much consider a squeeze here. So they *should* consider those, but likely show up with a much more linear range. From a linear range, I think you could see something like 77 or AJo/KQo show up as the worst hands.

    2) So around 8-9% of hands. 88+ ATs+ AJo KQs, and some KQo and 77. There’s a pretty significant chance that with three opponents behind, one of them will have a hand like this. So that’s why the flat can be profitable and we’re happy to get it in versus this range. Even when we go multiway, it isn’t that bad with a hand like this.

    3) If I want to randomize live, I spin a chip and use a marker like a clock. Online just a RNG.