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  • yamel

    December 14, 2023 at 1:37 pm

    Interesting hand for sure…I used to play nut flush draws very fast, but have since adjusted to have the chance to overflush people (especially when we are deeper).

    In your example, I do like a raise pre-flop with so many callers you can do well thinning the field and playing vs fewer players, but calling isn’t bad. I’d hate folding pre.

    On the flop I don’t like the lead – maybe heads up where you are worried it checks back and your opponent realizes too much equity. But when we are multi-way we need a much stronger hand to lead out, especially in early position, and you don’t need to win that often. I’d be checking range in this spot for pot control and more fold equity with check raises with the strongest of hands. Our hand here is too in-between and i rather be in bluff catching mode. Check and evaluate what they do.

    On the turn I don’t think you can fold and sleep at night with a pair plus nut draw. It’s just that with some pot control and playing a bit slower multi-way maybe you don’t lose the entire stack. Or if you are going to go really fast, then it would be 3! pre, small c bet and blast away at the turn to really build a story where top pair can fold.