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  • binkley

    December 15, 2023 at 1:36 am

    We should be 3betting our best hands (AA, KK, AKs, etc) for value. Adding bluffing hands such as A5s and A4s to our 3betting range provides an incentive for our opponents to continue with the weaker part of their range. But if our opponents are calling too much, then we don’t need to have 3bet bluffs. I prefer a call with A4s.

    Another consideration is how likely the BB would squeeze if you call from the SB. My guess is that this player pool is not likely to squeeze.

    Flop 3c Ts 4d

    What strong hands do you have in your range? You have middle and bottom set (44, 33). Do you have top set? If you would have 3bet with TT, then you don’t have top set.

    Do you have any 2 pair combos? Are you calling from the SB with T4s, T3s, or any 43? There are hands that you might call from BB when closing the action but not always from SB. This boards hits BB range more than your range from the SB.

    As you acknowledged, it’s giving your opponents too much credit to assume that they are thinking about how your range hits this board. In the same vein, did you consider your opponents range? How often will they have top pair?

    There were 3 callers (EP, HJ, CO). Tx comprise a large part of there calling ranges. Hand like KT, QT,JT, and T9 are hands that player want to play but aren’t strong enough to 3bet.

    Trying to bluff low stakes players off of top pair is not a profitable strategy.

    It’s great that you’re working on adding aggression to your game. I just don’t think this was the spot to do it. But the willingness to make mistakes is part of learning and growing.