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  • eanderson85

    December 15, 2023 at 3:04 pm

    Sometimes I donk on 6 high and 5 high boards for thin value and protection when I hit a pair, but I prefer a check raise. It gives you more information and slows down the aggros who just bet when checked to. It’s vogue now to donk with the nuts, but seldom is it bluffed at the right frequency. On the turn you have 4 twos, 4 fives, and 8 clubs for a total of 16 cards out of the 47 remaining to continue bluffing with. And barring the board pairing, they are all draws to the nuts.
    I would do a 3e check-raise on the flop, 2e turn bet when I gain equity, and shove the river with the nuts.
    If I hit my bottom pair, I’m not putting any more money in the pot. If I hit my top pair, I would have to resort to player reads, but I would probably just try to get to showdown as cheap as possible, letting my opponent hang himself with all of his jacks.