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  • jim

    July 20, 2020 at 5:21 pm

    Adding to the player pool is ideal if you can keep the jerks out lol! We have talked about having a space here at to promote home games or maybe to help different organizers share details or strategies – what would be most helpful do you think? A forum like this is a good start, but I like the idea of tracking results, poker players are so competitive!

    Maybe a page with charts or graphs for your home game as a whole or for individual players? How easy is it to import results and data from your playing platform? John Somsky tracks all our data and publishes daily updates (wow) and it is def fun to see the results scroll by and see who won. The recent YTD results post also got a lot of buzz. But that is a lot of work if it’s not set up by some genius programming team like @PokerGeekMN and @WebsiteMark lol