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  • binkley

    July 23, 2020 at 12:58 am

    At 40BB stack, I prefer a 2.5BB raise and add 1 BB per limper. So facing 2 limpers my opening would be 4.5 BB.

    Since PokerGeek had been open raising before you saw him limp this hand, he is splitting his continuing range in some way. Typical hands to limp in early position are small pairs (22 thru 66), small suited aces (A2s-A7s), and small suited connectors (34s thru 76s).

    Hero holding AhKs

    UTG: 22-66, A2s-A7s, 34s-76s

    Board Qd3s2d3h

    Using equity calculator: Hero 39.6%, UTG 60.4%

    Facing a half pot bet, you need 33% equity to call.

    The 3h on the turn is better for UTG range than yours. If you think he’s using that to bet his whole range, there is an argument for a call. If you think that he would be underbluffing and weighted more toward value, then a fold is the better option.

    But you can never be 100% sure of the exact strategy of your opponent. You need to consider your range construction. Facing a half pot bet, you need to defend with 67% of your range (MDF). So your flop checking range needs to include hands you plan to check call with. Depending on how you are constructing your range, AK may or may not be a check call.