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  • steve-fredlund

    July 24, 2020 at 10:50 pm

    This one is quite interesting to me; not sure I have encountered John limping UTG before, but I’ve definitely seen him build a stack early repeatedly. I think your preflop sizing needs to be bigger, if nothing else to range John better… when he limps UTG and then two other limpers and only needs 2 more to call, he will be doing that with 100% of his range (or at least the range that isn’t AA, KK if he was limping to be tricky. As played, against John, I would be tempted to continue as your flop check will be see as very polarizing .. you have A high or you have QQ for top set; so he should stab on that turn with a high frequency. The issue is that calling Johns turn is likely the decision to call his river. I think a couple of more aggressive lines could have been higher EV (but I defer to the wizards)… either a chunky c-bet on the flop OR a turn raise.