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  • taylormaas

    July 26, 2020 at 10:26 pm

    You got some details wrong. Here’s how I remember it.

    I open from MP w 9h8x, BB calls.

    Flop: T73 two hearts. — I bet 45% pot and get raised to 2.4x my size, I call.

    Turn: 8h — BB leads pot size bet. (which was really close to all in).

    I tank called on the turn. Was a weird spot but when he leads for pot on the turn I’m not too happy but I assume he would play the extreme value hands (like flushes) slower. So if I can remove some of those hands from his range I thought I’m doing ok enough to call. If he has a big heart, that limits the current strength of his hand (like Steve had mentioned).

    I think if I run the numbers its a negative spot for me to call.