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  • jim

    July 28, 2020 at 1:33 pm

    Definitely weird play by the BB – do you think they call instead of 3betting with JJ there preflop? otherwise we’re behind only the case 66 for the nuts, and there are lots of other hands he can lead with – a 6 which we love obviously, or a weird bluff repping the 6 that probably won’t continue to any aggression anyway so we don’t need to worry about sizing for them, and the presence of UTG still in the hand indicates some strength from there as well so I think a value check-raise is best here in he long run. We started the hand with about 40 effective BBs and I think we should try to get it all in by the end of the hand, targeting Jx hands and better. Yes, it’s transparently a strong play but SO IS JUST CALLING with this action on this board so there is very little deception gained by taking the passive action imo. Might as well get paid by the hands that will proceed with a mostly inelastic calling range.