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  • binkley

    July 30, 2020 at 5:35 pm

    Getting 2 players to call 60% pot bet with a four straight on the board is a great outcome. Did they snap call or tank call? Half pot bets are so common that often players will call bets that are close to this sizing without thinking. Then once you get the first call, the next last player is getting such a good price and closing the action, they can talk themselves into calling.

    I may be biased by the results, but I think you chose the perfect bet size. A smaller bet would be missing out on value. A bigger bet would force your opponents to put more thought into the call and then they would only call with a 7 in their hand.

    A small bet would have more merit in a tournament. With shallower stacks and larger emphasis on chip accumulation, increasing the likelihood of a call is weighted more. In cash, it’s all about using the play that has the highest EV.