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  • rabman50

    July 31, 2020 at 1:49 pm

    There may be some cognitive biases at play here:

    Choice Supportive Bias – I
    think it is better because I chose it. At some point we made a decision to play MTTs. It is a comfortable place to reside as you have a set buy-in. All of our studies have been focused on MTTs. Another factor around our choice has to do with where we live. Minnesota does not allow NL cash games. As MTTers we are used to the NL strategies we have been developing.

    This leads us into:

    Confirmation Bias – Only
    focus on information that confirms your belief. We tend to do this mainly because we focus on things that interest us. Nothing wrong with this, but to make a statement that MTTs are better than cash when we don’t know enough about the latter to understand if this is in fact true.

    After saying all this I have to admit that I am guilty of both these cognitive biases as well and I much prefer MTTs over cash…