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  • binkley

    August 3, 2020 at 10:19 pm

    Ed Miller’s “The Course” is a great book about cash strategies. Ed points out that in low stakes games many players play too many hands. When they start with a lot of weak hands preflop, they end up having a lot of junk hands postflop. These players are then faced with a decision on what to do with these hands.

    If they chose to fold their weakest holdings, then they will be folding most of their range. Against these players, we can bet with any two cards and be profitable.

    If they chose to continue with their weak hands by calling down, then we can exploit them with larger (and thinner) value bets.

    If they chose to bet as a bluff with their weak hands, then we should be bluff catching more.

    So if we can notice which players are playing too many hands, we want to determine what they are doing with the weak part of their range. With the correct reads and exploits, then we should be able to employ a profitable strategy.