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  • fivebyfive

    August 7, 2020 at 10:53 am

    I agree with Steve. I’m fist pump jamming this dependent on if there are any special circumstances (bubble, money jumps etc.). But in isolation, our stack is fairly short too. We’re going to need to accumulate and in freerolls with the often turbo and short structures, I’d tend to range our main villain wider. Do you think they’re flatting or folding 77-1010? My hunch/experience is that the field is often jamming those too to isolate. I bet A10 suited and even KQ suited make it into a typical villain range.

    I think I have good equity and AK is an easy call for me. The bottom of my calling range in this spot with these stack depths is likely 1010 and AQs. I may find a call with 99 if I’m feeling frisky, but I think that is likely too wide.