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  • binkley

    August 9, 2020 at 10:52 am

    I remember that this was early and stacks would have been about 100BB effective. It’s unusual to have this much flop action on such a hit or miss board. Yes there is a flush draw possible but it is a paired board with no straight draws. I viewed this as a way ahead/way behind situation.

    Your hand is either

    1. Way ahead of your opponent’s and unlikely to get outdrawn
    2. OR way behind and unlikely to improve to better

    There is less incentive to raise in way ahead/way behind situations. You would rather call and keep in villain’s hands that you are beating and avoid bloating the pot when you are behind.

    Hero will have stronger K’s (AK, KK) and overpair (AA) that BB would lack.

    But BB will have more 2’s in their range (K2s, Q2s, A2o).

    So the bet/raise/3bet/4bet jam on the flop, looked more like a leveling war to me.

    BB leads: “You missed this flop.”

    LJ raises: “So did you. But I can easily have AA, so I’m taking back the betting lead “

    BB click-back: “But I have more 2’s. I’m going to retake the beating lead and possibly triple barrel.”

    LJ jam all-in: “I also could have KK for a full-house”