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  • arw

    August 10, 2020 at 1:18 pm

    All of the replies are excellent.

    You’ve invested 7 bb with an aggressive line.

    You have the choice of investing 17 bb more by putting your opponent all in or you can check back and hope for the best.

    The flush draw hitting can be a good thing for you. Shoving on this card allows you to fold out a big part of their range. You have been betting pretty small on the previous streets so your opponent might have some questionable floats that will fold when the draw hits.

    Do they have the nuts?

    — a hand like pocket 33 or pocket 99 would likely get a raise in and I highly doubt they would check the river unless they think you will bluff.

    Do they have trips?

    — I think you have trips more often than them. If they have Kx, they likely don’t have a strong kicker. Trips with a good kicker should be probably raising on the flop or turn. With 25 bb effective, I’m not check calling very often with a super strong hand.

    Do they have a weak hand?

    — I think so. They haven’t shown any aggression. They checked the river when you could potentially check behind. They defended the big blind to play the hand heads up. All of these things point to a hand with some showdown value but definitely not the nuts.

    You told a solid story.

    Shove, Bet, Jam, Push, and Pray