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  • arw

    August 16, 2020 at 3:34 pm

    Great comment,

    “the 4-bet seems quite nutted” is the same assumption I made, however, it wasn’t true for this opponent. They jammed with pocket 33, a hand that I fold 95% of the time, one that is strong, but never ahead in this spot.

    the 3-better actually had the best hand. The size of their raise is telling. They only raised me 450 more. How do I ever fold pre-flop to this raise as the UTG opener? He/she wants me to call, possibly begging me to call. The size of the 3-bet also allows more stacks at the table to jam over the top, thinking they have fold equity. Knowing what I know after seeing his/her hand, I’m surprised they didn’t say “Want a cookie?”