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  • fivebyfive

    August 17, 2020 at 10:12 am

    <div>I tend to agree with some of the thoughts here. Those early position min-clickish raises are terrifying. My read and decision here is based entirely on what I think of UTG+1. If I think they’re competent, I’m folding. I’m not that worried about the squeeze from HJ. I’d be calling an all-in from that player with this holding without the intervening min-click. But in my experience, this type of raise screams value (QQ+). I don’t even think it generally includes AK because I think that is a shove (which is part of the problem of this play). So I’m folding. If we’re not folding in this spot, then I think we should be shoving 1010 in the first place. It’s not a hand that is very comfortable to take to a flop, so we’re not all that excited to get a bunch of callers and it is not one that can weather a lot of action like this. So I think ultimately, with this stack, I much prefer a shove pre.

    But back to the hand, I think this min-click approach with premium hands is becoming too common in the lower stakes and it is something we should be on the lookout for. It is fairly transparent. And I’ve yet to see the player pool adjust much. Until I see people start doing this with hands like 77 or AJ, it is easily exploitable with tight folds.


    When I’m faced with this kind of bet without the intervening squeeze, I’m calling to see three, knowing that they may be committed if I spike a 10. But it is a hand I’m playing slowly and potentially mucking to a cbet, even if the board comes all undercards.