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  • taylormaas

    August 18, 2020 at 3:32 pm

    Fun idea but hard to guess his cards AND guess his action.

    I’m taking a very hard stance that Steve does not fold in this spot. Not because of his range, but because you made this topic :P.

    I’d guess that the majority of his range is calling here and made up of a lot of the “shoulder” range of cards (not the top of his range) so stuff like KJs/77/98s/etc.

    I can see Steve raising in this spot, where he took a tricky line of just calling the initial raise with so many players left to act. If we see a raise from him, I’m worried about the likes of AA/KK/QQ. I’m assuming if he raises, he’s going to go all in because there is 1200 or so in the middle and playing an effective stack size of 4300. But a sizing of 1400 does make sense as well.