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  • binkley

    September 2, 2020 at 5:32 pm

    Interesting river spot for sure.


    Hero sb AcJs. I like the 3bet vs a CO open from a bigger stack. CO will have a wide range and aren’t letting the BB in cheaply. There is a small risk if you think BB is capable of jamming wide as the 30bb stack is a good size for it.

    Flop: 3d Jc 8h Pot: 1776

    Hero cbets 1100.

    Hero choses to bet ~62% pot. The board is coordinated with flush and straight draws. This sizing is good in a single raise pot. But I prefer a smaller cbet (30%-40%) in a 3bet pot. I think a bet of 700 is good.

    Turn: 9d [3d Jc 8h]

    This card favors CO. 3bet calling range includes a lot of middle pairs (88,99,TT). A small bet could be fine, but I like the check here.

    River: 4h [ 3d Jc 8h 9d]

    This river card doesn’t change much. This is a very similar spot to the turn. Either check or bet small for value. I think it depends on your read of CO. Which is more likely from CO: Paying off your value bet or betting with a bluff/over valued hand after a check?

    After the click back, it’s a sigh call given the pot odds.

    For future reference, if I want to Jim to call my river bet, I’m typing “ak?” in the chat.