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  • yamel

    September 4, 2020 at 12:18 am

    very nice hand…just a few quick thoughts before others chime in with deep analysis….

    Seems like the flop bet from V is kinda large…with both players having wide ranges, easy to miss this flop, so don’t need a full 1/2 pot to get folds….also, once your 1/2 pot gets called, you are prob facing a better draw or a K….

    I do like the V polarizing on the turn with a big bet…could get a one pair hand to release and he did pick up equity…seems like he got unlucky to be facing a 2 pair hand that is always calling…and maybe sometimes raising.

    Not sure the river is scary enough to bluff at when you miss and have showdown value on misses from your opponent….

    one question @Jim ….did you consider raising the turn? to get more value from draws? Or you think missed draws always bluff the river?