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  • Unknown Member

    Deleted User
    September 4, 2020 at 10:53 am

    Interesting Hand

    I like the SB flat and BB check.

    I prefer a 1/3 bet on the flop by SB. It is a good flop for SB with the bottom pair and flush draw but a larger bet will get called by a king and likely a jack. I think you have the same fold equity with a smaller bet. I like the call by BB.

    On the turn I don’t like the pot size bet by SB. SB did pick up a gut shot but not significant equity. If I’m SB I’m betting small 1/3 more as a blocker bet or check calling a bet from BB if I have the correct pot odds. Given the pot size bet if I’m BB I call or consider shoving ranging SB to a flush draw or still possibly a king with a better kicker though I would be confused regarding the bet sizing if SB was value betting. I just don’t see AK,KQ,KJ, JJ, or 77 choosing this bet sizing. Given the pot size bet I don’t mind the call with two pair.

    On the river, as SB, I’m giving up and check folding. BB is not folding to this river card given the pot size call on the turn. Don’t get married to the pot which I’m guilty of all the time. I like BB call on the river as a raise would only get better hands from the SB to call.