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  • steve-fredlund

    September 5, 2020 at 10:14 pm

    I wish I could remember all the action but I know I opened to 2.5x and had a couple of callers, one behind and you out of the blinds. I’m pretty sure it was 3-ways because I was going to check raise over the player behind me who I thought would stab at this (because they like to float me and apply pressure). So it checked through flop like you said. I don’t remember the turn action but not surprised if that is how it played out. I figured once you were called on the turn you would only be shoving value hands on the river. I figured you would check medium strength hands like A7, A8, any K or any other single pair, so figured you were polarized – big hand or nothing. But I couldn’t find hands that were good bluff candidates so decided to save my tournament (at least for the moment) and lay it down. Nice play!