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  • imalouigi

    September 21, 2020 at 7:00 pm

    Responding to hand #3 because I think this is the most interesting spot of all 3 hands. The CO over call usually caps CO’s range which should make BTN’s 3-betting range wider. That said, this is on the smaller side for sizing when factoring in the blinds so it should be largely weighted towards value hands and a much smaller percentage of 3-bets that are light or marginal.

    Cold calling out of position here will not be profitable in the long run so this is a clear 4-bet or fold spot. Our hand feels too strong in a low stakes cash game to be folding here but it’s not unreasonable. I prefer to 4! and will have mostly R/F in my range but am willing to call off in low stakes cash with any relevant history on a villain (assuming it’s a ring game). Obviously, we don’t get that with zoom style cash games. I would size my 4-bet to $12-$13.

    In summary, fold pre or R/F. Results?