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  • binkley

    September 23, 2020 at 9:44 pm

    Thanks everybody for your feedback.



    In game thoughts: With JJ, this is a snap fold. AA, KK, & AKs are snap 4-bets. Not closing the action, I don’t like a call. With a LJ as the original raiser, I felt less confident in a cold 4-bet.

    Action: I folded.

    Villain hands:

    LJ opened AJo

    HJ 3bet with Q9s



    In game thoughts: A 50BB 4-bet shove should really from a tight range. This type of overbet shove is often AK but can still be AA or KK. It can occasionally be JJ but rarely a pair weaker than that.

    Action: Hero folded.

    Villain hands:

    LJ opened with K3s

    HJ 3-bet with JTs

    CO 4-bet shove with AKo



    In game thoughts: HJ open and CO call seems like a really good squeeze spot. It may be that BN is trying to take advantage of that. This is a raise or fold spot.

    Action: Hero 4-bets to $6.75 (2.25x AJ 3-bet).

    HJ and CO fold. BN calls.

    Flop: Ts Qh 5c

    Hero cbets to $6. BN folds

    BN had AdJd

    Post game thoughts: Given the loose opens and 3bets, QQ is certainly strong enough to stack off against the opponents that day. I’ll be reviewing more hand histories to see if this a common theme or just a one day outlier.