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  • tvstensby

    September 27, 2020 at 1:34 am

    I am skeptical of this play. Even though you keep the small stack in you have the biggest stack at the table on your immediate left and you have to target the middle stacks through that player afterwards.

    Your best option to pick up pots is when one of the middle stacks opens and you can three-bet them before the action gets to the big stack. But you risk that the big stack wakes up with a hand behind you.

    If helps if the big stack is very passive/cautious and will let you play through him, but I still think that risking 10bb is to much. When you <font face=”inherit”>get called and double up one of the middle stacks you have less room to </font>maneuver.

    Also you have almost no equity in the main pot as 80.9% of hands beat you. You only win when your opponent jammed with one of the hands in grey in the chart below: