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  • yamel

    October 7, 2020 at 11:59 am

    I wouldn’t say SB is capped given the flop…sure he doesn’t have big broadway type hands, but he has a lot of hands that connect with this low flop. When you are first to act and this multi-way, you could easily go for a XR with a strong hand. So when he bets turn, I think he can have a lot of weak one pair holdings you mentioned, but also strong value. I get there are more weak hands than strong value, but when we jam, don’t we allow him to play perfectly. If I’m V, I’m not calling the jam with a one pair hand, which is what we want to get max value from and is most likely given your combo analysis.

    If you had called the turn and see what he does on river, maybe the combination of sizing and some straights getting there lets you save some money on river…but you are always losing something when someone turns a full house…just doesn’t have to be all the chips.