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  • maxchaos

    October 7, 2020 at 7:46 pm

    He’s putting out kind of a weird 3-bet sizing. Either V is inexperienced with 3 betting, or sitting on something like AA and trying to induce a call. That said, such a small sizing is going to price everybody in and AA lose their value quickly the more people are in the pot. All that said, I would assume it to be an inexperienced 3-bet from somebody holding Ax, Broadway, or as you noted, some type of pair. Likely 10s+

    Tournaments for me are about taking the right risk at the right time. This seems early to risk 1/2 my stack pre-flop. I’d probably call and hope to see a flop without an King or Ace recognizing I’m risking a set, although sets are hard to make.

    Assuming I get a low flop I’d consider a check raise, possibly a check shove depending on the action that follows. ‘A’ or ‘K’, I’d check and go from there.

    I have a buddy I go to Vegas with regularly when it’s not raining Covid and he told me once that he tries to avoid going all-in Pre-Flop unless he really has to (e.g., is either nursing a short stack himself or sitting on a very strong holding when somebody else with a short stack shoves first).

    I thought about his comment and see where he’s coming from.

    With 5 cards to come, a pre-flop shove just leaves so much room for variance, even with a strong holding, and no room for maneuverability.

    SNG tourney I just left before replying here . . . I was sitting on I think 16 BB. Similar stack that had me slightly covered limped. I knew I needed to make a move, since it was a turbo. I shoved w/ 99 figuring I’d either steal his limp and the blinds or be off to the races.

    To my joy, he called and turned over 77.

    And one of the 5 cards to come? You bet, a ‘7’. So even though I had him dominated pre-flop, I was suddenly out of the tourney.

    In that situation I felt the risk was worth the return and even the suck out.

    In your situation, I’d go for the call.