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  • taylormaas

    October 8, 2020 at 1:38 pm

    Generally speaking, I think a ton of recreational or less experienced players don’t make this move, but they should!

    There’s a lot of hands that we want to play in this spot but do not do well with a call. If we decide to call in this spot, the EP open does one of two things; 1) they call behind. Which makes it difficult for us to play for a few reasons, we let them have great odds on a call and we are playing into a dry side pot so it will be hard for us to extract value from our opponents. 2) They jam over the top of us. Which unless we are trapping, almost always forces us to either make a bad call or a fold.

    If we instead jam, we put pressure on the EP open. They have to decide if they want to play for almost their whole stack, and without a premium hand its a tough decision. If they fold, we now have extra chips in the pot and only have to play one opponent. In Chris’ example, that’s an extra 800 chips for a heads up battle of an opponent who had 2200 chips. It makes our odds way better.

    And last, there’s a lot of hands we have in this spot that we want to call the all-in but don’t want to play multi-way. Such as JJ-66. Or maybe even 44.