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  • taylormaas

    October 9, 2020 at 8:56 am

    What did the UTG do after the BB raise?

    A couple of things to note… your preflop raise should be larger. With a limp in front of you, the optimal sizing is somewhere around 4-5x, so I’d prefer a raise to 1600 here. Then when raised by a stack with 15 BBs, we HAVE to be happy to get it in with QQ here. Like fist pump happy. You’ve immediately jumped on him having some sort of extreme premium hand which isn’t always the case. They could easily make this play with worse pocket pairs, and AT+, KJs, KQ, etc.

    You worry about what the flop might bring, but that may also kill your value from opponent. Your exact hand vs their range in this spot is so far ahead that we can and should try to get everything we can right now. People can end up worrying too much about the 30% of the time that you lose here, instead of the 70% of the time that you win.