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  • binkley

    October 16, 2020 at 9:30 pm

    Preflop: On the button vs 2 limpers, I think this is a raise or fold spot for Hero. I like having some preflop fold equity and taking the lead. K4s doesn’t play that well multi-way. We can comfortably fold if someone 3-bets. I feel hands like AXs and smaller connectors (54s, 65s) work better as overlimps.


    UTG calls after BB calls the Hero cbet of $50. I think call by the UTG caps his range. Both Hero and BB have shown that they have something. Hero bet into 2 players. BB called with UTG still to act. With possible straight and flush draws, most players would raise with two pair+.


    Hero is in a tough spot facing this check raise. Having the 4, Hero blocks the hands that improve: J4, 44, 24. This is a clear call.


    Even thought the A river should be better for Hero’s range, UTG continues to bet. If UTG was bluffing with 5c3c, he just made a straight.

    I think this is a sigh call.