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  • yamel

    November 2, 2020 at 11:11 am

    Great analysis as usual and interesting spot. My guess is that most would like to play 78hh in later position. From sb if we are coming in, I rather come in with a raise to take the lead and have more ways to win (other than hitting)

    Once we get to the flop, we have one of the best flops we can hope for in an open ended straight draw. I think I would like the check-call line more with a weak pair trying to bluff catch…but with sets, 2 pair and solid draws, I like to lead or check-raise making sure we realize all our equity.

    As played I like a check if we have the intention of check-raising flop to get it in and max fold equity….Really bad timing that button beats us to all in…without fold equity I agree with the fold given the little show down value.